We create our own human nature, or do we?!?! I feel as though human nature is kind of innate and has a lot to do with genetics and environment. I feel as though it has a lot to do with nature and nurture, without those two things I feel as though people aren’t people and they would not actually grow to be what they actually are. Nature is all about the genetics what you are biologically predisposed too, whether that be diseases, disorders, personality traits, physical traits and etc. Nurture is the environment that you are raised in. Parents that are caring vs. parents that are not. I feel as though all human nature comes from those things, not that we create our own, but that we are actually shaped into how we act by biology and whatever else outside factors occur. It’s like twins who grow up in separate homes that have the same environment they tend grow up to e almost the same person and that is some what due to biology and the other half to do with the family that raised them. I also thought a lot about science. A lot about science questions from over centuries ago still have not been answered and I felt as though it will always be unanswered questions in science. People will discover things from the past and from the future that will continue to ask questions that they may not find the answer to ever, or maybe they will!


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