We create our own human nature, or do we?!?! I feel as though human nature is kind of innate and has a lot to do with genetics and environment. I feel as though it has a lot to do with nature and nurture, without those two things I feel as though people aren’t people and […]

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I am having mixed feelings about this book and this class ending. I’m actually sad that this book has came to a close, but at the same time I am not mad at all. I am glad that I don’t have to deal with the mind tripping and headaches of the book Sophie’s World ever […]

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Reflection #6

The capitalist/ Marxist world that we live in. America can most definitely be seen as a capitalistic society. Americans work, and work, and work always to reach another level and once you reach that level it’s like you have to keep working to reach a higher level and the cycle never ends. Kids work hard […]

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Connection #6

So the book talked about my favorite Psychologist Sigmund Freud. I just really enjoy how psychology can be tied in with philosophy because those have been my two favorite subjects this year. Sigmund Freud is one strange man. When you first think of psychosexual stages and kids you think that’s quite astonishing because people don’t […]

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Connection #5

I feel as though Hegal’s philosophy can be most readily connected to the real world. Firstly, we read about how he said ¬†history teaches society things and I mean that is quite obvious as to why we take history classes. When you see what people in the past have done wrong then then that reinforces […]

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Reflection #5

So in the past few chapters of Sophie’s World it has been proven that the reality of the world is not actually Sophie’s world, but a world that the major has created as a story for his daughter. There are many aspects of the chapters that have thrown me for a loop, such as Aladdin, […]

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Connection #4 

I feel as though Sophie reminds me of myself she is a young girl who just realized that the world that she knows is not as it seems. Her whole world and everything that she knows is a lie. My life isn’t that bad but I mean I feel as though in everyone’s life ther […]

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